Clean Medic Indus is available on E-Katalog!

Clean Medic / 08 Nov 2023

Clean Medic is Available on E-Katalog now!

The E-Katalog in Indonesia is a system that offers various benefits, especially in the realms of business and government. Its diverse functions significantly contribute to facilitating various processes, such as saving time and costs by providing quick access to information about products and services. Particularly in the public sector, the E-Catalog serves as a tool that streamlines the process of auctions and the efficient purchase of goods with improved transparency.

Additionally, in the business domain, the E-Katalog provides an advantage in monitoring prices and inventory from various vendors, ensuring companies can make more informed decisions. Moreover, it's a crucial instrument in ensuring compliance with the applicable regulations, fostering transparency at every stage of the purchasing process.

Other benefits include improved operational efficiency by reducing bureaucracy, speeding up the purchasing process, and enabling easier comparison of products or services. Furthermore, as an interactive platform, the E-Katalog facilitates interactions between sellers and buyers, enabling collaboration and the exchange of information related to products or services.

The combination of these diverse benefits makes the E-Katalog an integral part of enhancing transparency, efficiency, and ease in the business and government processes in Indonesia.

By meeting the requirements established by the Chief of LKPP Decree No. 122 of 2022, Clean Medic, a startup managing medical waste based on an application platform, has ensured that it meets the qualifications to enter the E-Katalog. With comprehensive qualifications, including agreeing to the terms and conditions of an electronic catalog provider, possessing the required business license in accordance with the KBLI needed for the Product Showcase, NPWP & KSWP, valid founding documents, a clean record free from Blacklist status, and availability of the price structure as required for product showcase registration.

As part of the E-Katalog, Clean Medic will ensure complete information, covering product types, technical specifications, TKDN, domestic products, and those meeting the Indonesian National Standard (SNI). With its products present in the national, sectoral, and local electronic catalogs, Clean Medic will become a strong partner for the government in meeting their needs for goods and services, while ensuring quality and compliance with applicable regulations. This solidifies Clean Medic's role as an integral part in supporting the procurement process for government organizations, both at the central and regional levels, affirming its position as of B3 medical waste management in line with Indonesian standards and regulations.

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