FDC Dental Studio Bali x Clean Medic Collaboration

Clean Medic / 07 Mar 2024

FDC Dental Clinic Bali sets a commendable example in handling hazardous medical waste, particularly in the realm of dental care, by establishing a collaborative partnership with Clean Medic Indus. This dynamic alliance significantly contributes to fostering environmental consciousness among FDC Dental Clinic Bali's staff and actively engages the institution in sustainable practices related to managing Category B3 medical waste. Here are key aspects of the collaboration between FDC Dental Clinic Bali and Clean Medic Indus:

Implementation of Category B3 Medical Waste Management Practices

In this partnership, FDC Dental Clinic Bali embraces best practices in managing Category B3 medical waste, focusing on dental-related waste, based on recommendations from Clean Medic Indus. This encompasses efficient waste segregation, secure storage, and environmentally compliant disposal methods in adherence to regulatory standards.

Provision of Category B3 Medical Waste Management Facilities

Clean Medic Indus collaborates with FDC Dental Clinic Bali to provide essential facilities for the effective management of Category B3 medical waste, specifically tailored to the unique requirements of dental practices. This includes the provision of specialized waste bins, designated temporary storage areas, and other necessary facilities to ensure the safe and standards-compliant management of dental-related Category B3 medical waste.

Joint Monitoring and Evaluation

FDC Dental Clinic Bali and Clean Medic Indus engage in joint monitoring and evaluation to assess the effectiveness of the Category B3 medical waste management program. This collaborative approach involves regular reviews, impact assessments, and ongoing improvements to ensure the sustainability and success of their joint efforts.

Streamlined Application Integration

Thanks to the well-integrated application from Clean Medic Indus, FDC Dental Clinic Bali experiences seamless monitoring and management of Category B3 medical waste directly from mobile devices. This user-friendly solution has transformed waste management, making it more convenient, efficient, and secure. Previously, FDC Dental Clinic Bali encountered challenges in managing Category B3 medical waste, including dental-related waste, but with Clean Medic Indus, the process has become significantly smoother and safer.

Join the Movement for Sustainable Dental Waste Management

For all dental institutions, including dentists in Bali facing similar challenges, Clean Medic Indus encourages you to connect with us and join the movement to promote sustainability in Category B3 medical waste management. Download our application today and actively participate in preserving the environment through responsible waste management practices. Together, let's make a positive impact on the future of dental care and environmental conservation.

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