CLEAN MEDIC at International Bali Tattoo Expo in July 2023

Clean Medic / 15 Agu 2023

CLEAN MEDIC INDUS's inaugural participation at the INTERNATIONAL BALI TATTOO EXPO in July 2023 showcased its unwavering commitment to innovative solutions and public health enhancement.

By seamlessly integrating its digital platform with a real-world event, the company illuminated a transformative approach to medical waste management.

By equipping 150 tattoo service exhibitors with free containers, Clean Medic Indus ensured the safe disposal of used needles and thwarted potential threats from infectious materials.

Used needles, once placed in the provided containers, were efficiently transported to the KLIN INDONESIA incineration factory.

Thanks to the commitment of our team, this initiative not only set a precedent for responsible waste disposal within the tattoo industry but also emphasised the urgency of collective endeavours to address public health concerns. As Clean Medic Indus continues its pioneering journey, its dedication to #environmental #sustainability and public well-being remains an inspiring example for others to emulate.

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