Clean Medic: Bringing Change to Medical Waste Management in Bali

Clean Medic / 07 Nov 2023

Bruno Zysman and Arnaud Riou

Medical waste management is a critical yet often overlooked aspect of healthcare systems around the world. Improper handling and disposal of medical waste can lead to serious environmental and public health risks. Recognizing the urgency of this issue, Bruno Zysman, a visionary entrepreneur with a background in technology, and Arnaud Riou, a logistics expert with extensive experience in the United Nations and NGOs, have come together to create a startup poised to disrupt this sector—Clean Medic Indus. Here’s why their collaboration could be the game-changer Indonesia's healthcare ecosystem needs:

- Integrating Technology and Expertise

The founding duo brings together a unique mix of skills. Zysman’s tech-savvy background allows Clean Medic Indus to leverage digital solutions to streamline waste management processes. On the other hand, Riou’s expertise in logistics, especially in challenging environments, ensures that the solutions are practical and adaptable to real-world conditions.

- Innovative Digital Platform

At the core of Clean Medic Indus is an in-house developed digital platform that digitizes the entire lifecycle of medical waste management. This platform isn't just a technological innovation; it's a means to bring transparency, traceability, and efficiency to a process that has traditionally been opaque and inefficient. The platform can monitor waste from the point of creation to final disposal, ensuring compliance with health and environmental regulations.

- Addressing a Local Challenge with Global Implications

Indonesia, an archipelago nation with a vast population, faces unique challenges in managing medical waste. The country's healthcare infrastructure is spread across thousands of islands, making the logistics of waste management particularly complex. By focusing on Indonesia, Clean Medic Indus is not just solving a local problem but also developing a blueprint that could be applied to similar challenges globally.

- Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Alignment

Clean Medic Indus's mission aligns closely with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, particularly Goal 3 (Good Health and Well-being) and Goal 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production). Riou’s experience with the UN and NGOs ensures that their strategies are designed to contribute to these broader global targets, potentially attracting support from international organizations.

- Empowering Healthcare Providers

By simplifying the waste management process, Clean Medic Indus empowers healthcare providers to focus on their primary goal: patient care. With less time and resources spent on managing waste, healthcare facilities can allocate more towards improving healthcare services and outcomes.

- Local Impact, Global Interest

As Clean Medic Indus scales, the interest it generates can transcend Indonesian borders. The model being developed here has the potential to attract global partners and investors interested in replicating its success in other regions facing similar challenges. In conclusion, Clean Medic Indus stands as a testament to the power of combining diverse expertise to address complex issues. Zysman and Riou are not just creating a company; they are spearheading a movement towards safer, more sustainable medical waste management practices that could resonate well beyond Indonesia. As they continue to disrupt and innovate, the healthcare industry will watch closely, ready to learn from their successes and replicate this vital integration of technology, logistics, and environmental stewardship.

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