Clean Medic Indus engineering team

Clean Medic / 22 Agu 2023

Hello esteemed connections,

Today, I am bursting with pride to give you a behind-the-scenes look at our incredibly dedicated engineering team at CLEAN MEDIC INDUS. Their relentless commitment is shaping the future of medical waste management in Indonesia.

Now that Covid 19 is over and the tourism economy is boosting again in Bali, our digital solution is more crucial than ever. Illegal dumping of hazardous waste poses an imminent threat to public health and the environment.

Our platform CLEAN MEDIC aims to revolutionize the entire spectrum of medical waste collection and transportation.

Our platform's features are continually refined, ensuring that medical waste is handled effectively, reducing any risks to public health and our cherished environment.

Every step, every feature, every line of code is a testament to our team's dedication to this mission. Their hard work ensures a smooth operation to eradicate the threats posed by mishandling the collection and transportation of medical waste.

Together, we are on the path to ensuring a cleaner, healthier, and safer Indonesia. 🇮🇩💙 Thank you for being part of our journey. Let's embrace a sustainable future!

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