Clean Medic’s Commitment to reduce waste in 2024

Clean Medic / 17 Jan 2024

🌏 Committed to transforming Indonesia's waste landscape, Clean Medic Indus pioneers innovative solutions for sustainable medical waste management, with a specific focus on Bali. Born in 2021 amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, our team of seasoned health, environmental, and IT professionals is determined to revolutionize the sector.

  • Understand Potential Waste Producers in Bali To address the unique waste landscape of Bali, Clean Medic conducts in-depth research to identify potential medical waste producers in the region. This involves understanding the healthcare facilities, laboratories, and other establishments that generate medical waste, ensuring a tailored approach to waste management.

  • Facilitate Medical Waste Transportation in Bali Clean Medic takes a proactive role in organizing and streamlining the transportation of medical waste in Bali. By establishing efficient logistics and transportation networks, we ensure the safe and compliant transfer of medical waste from its source to designated warehouses and incineration facilities.

  • Utilize Technology to Assist the Process, Clean Medic App and Website Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Clean Medic introduces the Clean Medic App and Website to seamlessly connect all stakeholders involved in the medical waste management process. This digital platform facilitates communication and coordination among waste producers, transportation teams, warehouses, and incineration facilities, enhancing efficiency and regulatory compliance.

  • Collaborate with Government and Stakeholders Locally Clean Medic recognizes the importance of collaboration with local government bodies and stakeholders. We actively engage in partnerships to align our efforts with regional waste management policies and regulations. This collaboration also extends to NGOs and other entities involved in waste management, ensuring a comprehensive and united approach to tackling medical waste challenges in Bali.

🚀 In the pursuit of achieving Indonesia's ambitious zero-waste goal by 2024, Clean Medic stands at the forefront of change, specifically addressing Bali's waste concerns. The collaboration between the younger generation and cutting-edge technologies is key to combating hazardous plastic packaging and diverse waste types that challenge natural decomposition. Our data-driven approach and hazardous waste flow analysis contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment, aligning with the pressing need for modern and efficient solutions.

🌱 Recognizing the urgency of a united front in the battle against medical waste, Clean Medic facilitates collaboration with the government and local stakeholders in Bali. By bridging the gap between private and public sectors, especially in technology funding, we aim to create a comprehensive and sustainable framework. As we navigate this complex terrain, Clean Medic emerges as a beacon of hope, offering an efficient and sustainable means to reduce hazardous medical waste in Bali. Together, let's pave the way for a zero-waste future, prioritizing environmental responsibility and public safety in this beautiful region.

🤝 Join us on this transformative journey! Established in Bali, Clean Medic Indus combines passion and expertise to redefine medical waste management in the local context. Together, we can create a positive impact, embracing the power of collaboration and technology to build a sustainable future for Bali, Indonesia, and beyond.

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