CMI Interview Series: Meniati Ni Wayan, SST, Ak (Manajer Keuangan)

Clean Medic / 26 Agu 2023

I am wrapping up the week with, as usual since a month, an interview of one of our valuable team member at CLEAN MEDIC INDUS, a startup in Bali - Indonesia, which is revolutionising the medical waste management through a digital platform. Today, we have the privilege of hosting Meniati Ni wayan, SST, Ak, our accomplished Financial Manager and a proud Balinese native, as she takes us on a tour of our financial endeavours. I delved into what she appreciates about Clean Medic Indus and her role within the company:

✅ What aspects of CLEAN MEDIC INDUS do you find most appealing? She values our commitment to revolutionising medical waste management in Indonesia through our digital platform. As a Balinese, the company's mission to depollute her island resonates deeply with her.

✅ Could you elaborate on how your role as a finance manager in our forward-thinking startup has influenced your career journey? She mentioned the exciting challenge of balancing financial growth and sustainability within a startup environment, fostering her professional growth while contributing to the company's success. Through the digital platform application that is implemented at CLEAN MEDIC INDUS, she got a new experience that is very different from her previous companies in the past 9 years as it is related to the digital industry helping solving environmental and public heath threats problems.

  ✅ How do you envision the transformation of medical waste management in Bali? She sees Clean Medic Indus as a trailblazer, leading Bali's medical waste management into a sustainable future. The digital platform enhances efficiency and environmental consciousness, creating a positive impact.

✅ Could you share your thoughts on the integration of financial technologies into our platform? She said that the online payment system implemented at CLEAN MEDIC INDUS has transformed her financial work as it became fully online and paperless. She expressed excitement about this integration, highlighting how it not only improves operational efficiency but also reflects the company's forward-thinking approach and dedication to staying at the forefront of industry trends.

✅ As a Balinese, how does participating in this transformation resonate with you? Being Balinese, she takes pride in contributing to her island's well-being. Active involvement in the depollution mission aligns with her values and sense of responsibility toward her community and environment.

  Her insights underline the fusion of professional growth, personal values, and the shared mission of Clean Medic Indus in revolutionizing medical waste management in Bali.

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