CMI Interview Series: Aditiya Nugroho (Driver)

Clean Medic / 10 Nov 2023

A delightful Friday has arrived, and today brings us the delightful opportunity to engage in a conversation with one of the dynamic professionals at CLEAN MEDIC INDUS (CMI). Please extend a warm welcome to Aditiya Nugroho, a skilled Driver who graciously shares his intriguing journey with us. Throughout this interview, we will explore Nugroho's motivations for selecting CMI as his workplace, accentuate the unique strengths of CMI in comparison to his previous professional experiences, delve into his responsibilities and tasks as a Driver, and delve into the obstacles and aspirations he envisions for the promising future of CMI!

Aditiya, can you give us a brief overview of your role as a driver at CMI and how you're involved in handling medical waste?

AditiyaCertainly, as a driver at CMI, my primary responsibility is to collect medical waste from various locations, such as hospitals and healthcare centers. I'm responsible for ensuring the safe transportation of medical waste to our processing facilities.

How do you enhance your knowledge and understanding of the impact of medical waste if it contaminates the environment?

AditiyaI enhance my knowledge by continuously learning and participating in training related to medical waste. Additionally, I've learned a lot from day-to-day experiences, especially how contaminated medical waste can have negative impacts on the environment and the community.

As a driver, how crucial is your responsibility in maintaining the safety of the surrounding environment when transporting medical waste?

AditiyaMy responsibility is paramount. I must ensure that the medical waste I transport does not contaminate the environment and pose risks to the nearby community. Accidents or waste spills are situations that must be avoided, and I always need to stay focused and vigilant.

Could you share a typical day in your life as a driver at CMI, picking up medical waste?

AditiyaEvery day, I begin by inspecting the vehicle and safety equipment. I then head to the various locations for medical waste pickups, handling them with care to prevent any spills or leaks. Subsequently, I transport the medical waste to the processing facility following established procedures.

What are the primary challenges you face in your role at CMI, particularly when it comes to transporting medical waste? How do you overcome these challenges?

AditiyaThe main challenge is ensuring safety and preventing environmental contamination. I address this by following strict procedures, regularly checking the vehicle and equipment, and communicating with the team in case of emergencies. Safety is always our top priority.

What are your hopes and prayers for the future of CMI as a more advanced and high-quality medical waste transport company?

AditiyaMy hope is that CMI continues to progress and becomes a globally recognized company for our commitment to the environment and the community. I hope we continue to make a significant contribution to the safe and responsible management of medical waste.

Thank you, Aditiya, for this informative interview. We hope that CLEAN MEDIC INDUS continues to grow and play a crucial role in medical waste management. Thanks to everyone who tuned in for this edition of the CMI Interview Series. We'll be back with more interviews in the future.

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