CMI Interview Series: I Kadek Krisna Dwi Payana (Fullstack Engineer)

Clean Medic / 02 Feb 2024

Welcome to this delightful Friday! Today, we have the opportunity to have a chat with one of the brilliant minds at Clean Medic Indus (CMI). Let's warmly welcome I Kadek Krisna Dwi Payana, a Fullstack Engineer, who willingly shares his intriguing journey with us. In this interview, we will uncover Krisna Payana's motivations for choosing CMI as his professional home, highlight the advantages he has found at CMI compared to his previous workplace, delve into his role as a Fullstack Engineer, and explore the challenges and aspirations he holds for CMI's promising future!

CMI as a Workplace

Casually placing his bag, Krisna joyfully expressed, "Choosing CMI as my workplace originated from its innovative approach, where technological contributions to the environment align with my skill set. The potential to pioneer innovations with widespread benefits was a compelling draw."

Advantages of CMI Compared to Previous Workplaces

Sipping his morning coffee, he smiled for a moment and shared, "A significant advantage at CMI lies in our early-stage status, granting us the freedom to experiment and greater flexibility in problem-solving. Facing various challenges, we have the opportunity to integrate new technologies into our developing applications and systems."

Responsibilities as a Fullstack Engineer at Clean Medic

While checking his emails on the computer, Krisna mentioned, "As a Fullstack Engineer, my responsibilities include ensuring the stability of applications and systems. This involves troubleshooting issues for all teams, developing necessary features, and rectifying any malfunctions. It's a comprehensive role to maintain smooth operations."

Daily Routine as a Fullstack Engineer

Taking a sip of water from his glass, he said, "My daily routine involves participating in Engineering team meetings, outlining and working on tasks, assisting colleagues facing issues, engaging in problem-solving discussions with the operational team, and reviewing completed tasks. It's a dynamic and collaborative routine."

Challenges of Working at Clean Medic

Continuing with his work, he paused for a moment, then answered, "The challenge lies in the absence of common solutions for many new issues. However, this unique challenge strengthens our commitment to innovative problem-solving. We believe constant innovation is crucial for creating widely accepted solutions."

Hopes and Prayers for Clean Medic in the Future

While jotting down things to do, Krisna said, "I envision CMI progressing as a pioneer in environmental cleanliness solutions within the medical waste industry. The growth and innovation within the organization should translate into cleaner living environments and positive impacts for all stakeholders."

As we embark on the journey of 2024, let's face this year with renewed vigor and determination. To our Clean Medic comrades, may this year bring even more triumphs, brilliance, and establish Clean Medic as a trusted, secure, and accessible leader in medical waste management. Let's stride forward together towards a prosperous and successful 2024!

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