CMI Interview Series: I Komang Ana Sapta Wijaya (Warehouseman)

Clean Medic / 06 Okt 2023

Good day, everyone. It's Friday, and as part of our regular routine, we have the privilege of conducting an interview with one of our esteemed team members today. Please join us in welcoming I Komang Ana Sapta Wijaya, one of our dedicated Warehouseman. We're genuinely excited to explore his motivation for joining our company and gain insights into her responsibilities and contributions.


Komang: Hello, and thank you for having me. I'm I Komang Ana Sapta Wijaya, and I've been a part of CLEAN MEDIC INDUS for approximately 8 months. I decided to join the company due to its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility in the workplace. My background is in logistics management, and I have previous experience in a similar field.


CMI: Excellent. Now, Komang, could you kindly provide an assessment of your experience during these 8 months as a member of the Warehouse team at CLEAN MEDIC INDUS?

Komang: It's been a rewarding experience, to say the least. I've felt that CLEAN MEDIC INDUS has provided me with opportunities for personal and professional growth. I've been involved in various compelling waste management projects that align with the company's sustainability initiatives.


CMI: That sounds promising. How does your typical workday commence, and what are your primary objectives upon arrival at the workplace?

Komang: A typical day for me usually starts by reviewing CLEAN MEDIC INDUS's digital platform to receive orders from our trusted producers. Subsequently, I conduct a comprehensive inventory check and begin the process of preparing orders from these producers. I am also responsible for generating the unique QR code for easier traceability. My foremost priority is ensuring the efficient and timely processing of these orders.


CMI: Well said. What, in your opinion, is the most intriguing or fulfilling aspect of your role as a Warehouseman?

Komang: The most intriguing aspect, I believe, is the realization that I can directly contribute to environmental preservation by managing ingenious waste efficiently and in compliance with established standards. Moreover, working alongside a highly skilled and dedicated team at CLEAN MEDIC INDUS has consistently provided a gratifying professional experience.


CMI: Insightful. Is there a specific message or hope that you would like to convey to your colleagues or the broader community regarding your role and work at CLEAN MEDIC INDUS?

Komang: Certainly. My hope is that, through my work and collaboration with the team, we can continue to make meaningful contributions to environmental preservation and social responsibility. I encourage everyone to raise their awareness about ingenious waste and the vital importance of its proper management for a more promising future.


From this conversation, we gain an understanding of how our team's dedication and expertise serve as fundamental elements in navigating intricate regulatory frameworks, ensuring compliance, and promoting innovation in line with Solid Waste Management regulations. Our commitment stands as a pivotal force driving CLEAN MEDIC INDUS toward our primary objective: becoming an integral contributor to the global sustainability movement, dedicated to preserving our environment.

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