CMI Interview Series: I Made Dedik Supardita (Office Assistant)

Clean Medic / 29 Des 2023

This Friday, Clean Medic Indus (CMI), a medical B3 waste management company based on an app in Bali, is featuring an interview with I Made Dedik Supardita, an Office Assistant (Cleaning Service) at the organization. Commonly known as Dedik, he will provide insights into his role, his experience working with Clean Medic, and his perspective on maintaining cleanliness in the workplace.

Why Clean Medic?

Dedik shared his reason for choosing Clean Medic: "I decided to join Clean Medic because of its dedication to environmental care, specifically in the management of B3 medical waste. The company's commitment to sustainability and cleanliness resonates with global concerns about the proper disposal of medical hazardous waste. Clean Medic, being a startup, offers excellent career opportunities, allowing me to contribute to public health by ensuring a clean and safe environment."

What makes Clean Medic special?

Dedik emphasized: "Clean Medic stands out due to its focus on sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. The company's work ethics and values, promoting collaboration, integrity, and a commitment to quality, contribute to a positive working environment. This positive atmosphere has been instrumental in my personal and professional development."

Responsibilities as an Office Assistant (Cleaning Service)

Dedik explained: "As an Office Assistant, my primary responsibilities revolve around maintaining cleanliness in the workplace. This includes daily cleaning tasks, ensuring proper disposal of waste, organizing workspaces, and supporting other departments with their cleanliness needs. I play a crucial role in creating a hygienic and organized environment for all employees."

Daily life as an Office Assistant

Dedik shared insights into his daily routine: "My typical day involves starting early to perform cleaning duties throughout the office spaces. I pay attention to detail, ensuring every area is sanitized and presentable. Additionally, I collaborate with colleagues and respond to specific cleaning requests, contributing to a conducive and healthy work environment for everyone."

Challenges working as an Office Assistant at Clean Medic

Dedik acknowledged the challenges he faces: "The challenges I encounter include adapting to varying cleaning requirements, staying updated on effective cleaning practices, and ensuring compliance with hygiene standards. It's a dynamic role that requires flexibility and a proactive approach to address evolving cleanliness needs."

Unforgettable moments at Clean Medic

Dedik reminisced: "The camaraderie with my colleagues is truly memorable. Participating in team-building events and Clean Medic's initiatives have strengthened our bonds, creating a positive and supportive work culture."

Pros and Cons of working at Clean Medic

Dedik expressed his feelings about working at Clean Medic: "I'm grateful for the opportunity to be part of Clean Medic, where I've learned from wonderful individuals. The current challenge involves establishing Clean Medic's presence in the medical waste management industry, but the positive aspects outweigh any challenges."

Hopes for Clean Medic Indus

Dedik shared his hope for Clean Medic: "I hope Clean Medic will continue to grow as a leading environmental cleanliness solution company. I look forward to witnessing sustainable innovations and a continued commitment to the proper management of medical hazardous waste."

New Year's Hopes for Clean Medic

Dedik anticipated growth for Clean Medic on a national scale: "In the upcoming year, I hope Clean Medic expands its reach and becomes nationally recognized as a top-tier medical waste management company, particularly here in Bali."

Clean Medic Indus's Continuous Efforts

Dedik affirmed his commitment: "Clean Medic Indus is actively working towards positive change in the medical hazardous waste management industry. As an Office Assistant, I contribute to the company's mission by ensuring a clean and safe environment, aligning with Clean Medic's commitment to environmental sustainability and cleanliness."

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