CMI Interview Series: I Made Setia Baruna (Fullstack Engineer)

Clean Medic / 03 Nov 2023

A cheerful Friday is here, and today, we have the opportunity to chat with one of the bright talents at Clean Medic Indus (CMI). Please welcome I Made Setia Baruna, a Fullstack Engineer who shares his fascinating journey with us. In this interview, we will uncover Baruna's reasons for choosing CMI as his workplace, highlight the advantages of CMI compared to his previous workplaces, delve into his roles and responsibilities as a Fullstack Engineer, and discuss the challenges and hopes he has for CMI's bright future!

Why did you choose CMI as your workplace?

Today, let's begin with the first question that reveals Baruna's reasons for selecting Clean Medic Indus (CMI) as his workplace. Baruna enthusiastically responds, "I chose CMI as my workplace because I was drawn to its innovative concept, where we can contribute to the environment using technology that aligns with my skill set. I saw an opportunity to make groundbreaking innovations that could benefit many people." Wow, truly inspirational, isn't it?

What are the advantages of CMI compared to your previous workplaces?

Baruna, with enthusiasm, explains, "One significant advantage of CMI is that, as we are in the early stages, we have greater freedom to experiment. We have more flexibility in solving problems and, of course, we are faced with many new challenges that we can tackle. We also have the opportunity to implement new technologies into the applications and systems we are developing." The freedom to innovate like this is undeniably appealing!

What are your responsibilities as a Fullstack Engineer at Clean Medic?

His position as a Fullstack Engineer at CMI entails various tasks. "As a Fullstack Engineer at CMI, I am responsible for monitoring to ensure that the applications and systems we use remain stable and smooth. We also assist all teams if there are any issues with the system, create necessary new features, and, of course, rectify anything that is not functioning as it should."

What is your daily routine as a Fullstack Engineer?

Baruna's days are filled with a range of challenging activities. "My daily routine involves daily meetings with the Engineering team, determining and working on tasks for the day, helping other engineer colleagues if they encounter problems, and engaging in discussions to find solutions for the operational team. I also perform reviews of tasks that have been completed," he says with enthusiasm.

What are the challenges of working at Clean Medic?

After a moment of reflection, Baruna responds, "Many new things lack common solutions, so we must search for them. This is a unique challenge for us, but we believe that in order to create groundbreaking innovations, we must continue to innovate and seek solutions that can be accepted by various parties."

What are your hopes and prayers for Clean Medic in the future?

Lastly, we discuss Baruna's hopes and prayers for CMI's future. He sincerely states, "I hope that CMI can continue to progress, grow, and innovate, becoming a pioneer in environmental cleanliness solutions in the medical waste industry. This, in turn, will lead to cleaner living environments and positive impacts for all of us."

The interview with I Made Setia Baruna, a Fullstack Engineer at Clean Medic Indus, provides an intriguing insight into the enthusiasm and dedication required in the fields of technology and environmental preservation. We hope this inspirational story brings positivity and energy to your Friday!

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