CMI Interview Series: I Wayan Agus Khrisna Udiyana (Trainer)

Clean Medic / 01 Des 2023

This Friday, Clean Medic Indus (CMI), a medical B3 waste management company based on an app in Bali, is doing an interview with I Wayan Agus Khrisna Udiyana, a Trainer in the Operational division. Better known as Gus Khrisna, he will share insights into Clean Medic, his work experience, his daily life as a Trainer, and his views on HIV/AIDS.

Why Clean Medic?

Gus Khrisna told Clean Medic the reason he joined Clean Medic in the first place: "I chose Clean Medic because of its strong vision and mission towards environmental care, especially in managing B3 medical waste. The focus on sustainability and cleanliness aligns with global concerns about the current issues of medical hazardous waste. As a startup, Clean Medic provides excellent career opportunities and a chance to contribute to efforts in maintaining cleanliness that ultimately leads to public health."

What makes Clean Medic special?

Gus Khrisna added: "Clean Medic's emphasis on sustainability and environmentally friendly practices is its main strength. The work ethics and company values promote collaboration, integrity, and commitment to quality, creating a positive working environment. This has been immensely helpful in my career development and adds significant value."

Responsibilities as a Trainer

Gus Khrisna stated: "As a Trainer, my responsibilities include planning and developing specialized training programs for the management of medical hazardous waste, facilitating training sessions, providing support to participants, adjusting training materials, staying updated with industry developments, and compiling training evaluation reports."

Daily life as a Trainer

Gus Khrisna shared: "My daily routine involves planning, preparing materials, and facilitating training sessions specifically for the management of medical hazardous waste. During training, I interact with participants, provide explanations, and offer support as needed. Training evaluations are conducted to ensure effectiveness, while personal development remains a focus."

Challenges working at Clean Medic

Gus Khrisna acknowledged: "Challenges I face are quite diverse, including continuous adaptation to technological advancements in medical hazardous waste management, strict regulatory compliance, and safe management of medical waste in accordance with B3 standards."

Unforgettable stories at Clean Medic

Gus Khrisna reminisced: "The strong camaraderie with colleagues is unforgettable. Small events and Clean Medic outings have fostered solidarity among employees, creating a positive work environment."

Pros and Cons of working at Clean Medic

Gus Khrisna expressed: "I feel grateful to be part of Clean Medic, meeting great individuals and learning a lot from them. The current challenge is introducing Clean Medic in the medical hazardous waste management industry."

Hopes for Clean Medic Indus

Gus Khrisna voiced his hope: "I hope Clean Medic will continue to grow as an environmental cleanliness solution company, with sustainable innovations and a commitment to the management of medical hazardous waste."

Correlation between HIV/AIDS and Clean Medic

Gus Khrisna emphasized: "The proper management of medical hazardous waste is crucial to prevent the spread of HIV. Clean Medic plays a crucial role in helping healthcare facilities run safe and standard medical hazardous waste management processes."

Effectiveness of Medical Hazardous Waste Management in Combating HIV/AIDS

Gus Khrisna expressed confidence: "I am confident that proper medical hazardous waste management is effective in combating the spread of HIV/AIDS, minimizing the risk of infection transmission. This is further enhanced by the application system ensuring that waste management conducted by Clean Medic is safe and compliant with Regulation No. 6 of 2021."

HIV/AIDS Awareness Promo by Clean Medic

Gus Khrisna supported the campaign by telling us: "I strongly support this campaign as it involves the community in helping healthcare facilities minimize virus spread through proper management of medical hazardous waste."

Clean Medic Indus's Continuous Efforts

Gus Khrisna affirmed: "Clean Medic Indus continues to strive to be a positive agent of change in the medical hazardous waste management industry, and I, with my enthusiasm as a Trainer, actively contribute to making a positive impact on environmental sustainability and cleanliness through my responsibilities at Clean Medic."

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