CMI Interview Series: Ida Bagus Made Andhi Wisesa (Marketing Specialist)

Clean Medic / 19 Jan 2024

This Friday, immerse yourself in a captivating conversation with Ida Bagus Made Andhi Wisesa, the visionary Marketing Specialist at Clean Medic Indus. In this exclusive interview, Ida Bagus unveils his professional journey, provides insights into his impactful role, and shares the heart of Clean Medic's commitment to environmental cleanliness and sustainability.

Choosing Clean Medic as a Platform for Impact

Ida Bagus reveals his motivations: "Joining Clean Medic was a deliberate choice fueled by the company's vision to revolutionize medical waste management. The innovative approach and the opportunity for personal and environmental growth made it an ideal platform for me to contribute to environmental preservation."

The Distinctive Culture of Clean Medic

Ida Bagus emphasizes the uniqueness of Clean Medic: "Clean Medic stands out for its unwavering focus on innovation and sustainability. The collaborative and creative work culture fosters a positive environment that not only inspires but also supports our shared mission."

Crafting Impactful Narratives as a Marketing Specialist

Ida Bagus shares his responsibilities: "As the Marketing Specialist, I curate narratives that resonate with our audience. From organizing pivotal events such as 'The Importance of Managing B3 Medical Waste Through Digital Applications' to spearheading impactful campaigns like AIDS Day and the Year-End Sale, my role is dedicated to raising awareness and driving positive change."

Navigating Daily Dynamics in Marketing

Ida Bagus unveils his daily routine: "Each day involves collaborating with the marketing team, conceptualizing campaigns, and aligning efforts with other departments. Staying attuned to market trends, leveraging digital platforms, and building connections are essential elements in our mission to drive impactful change."

Overcoming Marketing Challenges

Ida Bagus acknowledges hurdles: "In a competitive market, adaptation is key. Educating our audience about responsible medical waste management presents challenges, but the positive impact motivates me to overcome these obstacles."

Proud Moments and Marketing Achievements

Ida Bagus celebrates milestones: "One of my proudest moments was orchestrating the seminar on 'The Importance of Managing B3 Medical Waste Through Digital Applications.' Our campaigns, such as the AIDS Day initiative and Year-End Sale, not only garnered attention but significantly contributed to community health and environmental welfare."

Reflections on Clean Medic's Impact

Ida Bagus shares his perspective: "Working at Clean Medic is a journey filled with gratitude. The positive atmosphere and tangible impact we make on the environment make every challenge worthwhile."

Aspirations for Clean Medic's Future

Ida Bagus expresses his hopes: "I envision Clean Medic growing into a beacon of excellence in medical waste management, not just in Bali but on a national scale. Our initiatives aim to spark a collective consciousness about cleanliness and sustainability."

Continued Commitment to Sustainability

Ida Bagus reaffirms his commitment: "As a Marketing Specialist, my dedication remains steadfast. I am committed to supporting Clean Medic's positive role in the cleanliness sector, driving change through innovative solutions, and contributing to a cleaner, safer environment."

Future Initiatives in 2024: Collaborations with Leading Hospitals and NGOs

Ida Bagus reveals ambitious plans for 2024: "In the upcoming year, we aspire to deepen existing partnerships and forge new collaborations, particularly with prominent hospitals and renowned NGOs that share our passion for environmental care. Our goal is to align forces with these influential entities, creating synergies that amplify our impact on medical waste management and environmental preservation. Through joint initiatives, we aim to set new standards and contribute significantly to community well-being and ecosystem sustainability."

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