CMI Interview Series: Iwan Atmojo (Operation Manager)

Clean Medic / 22 Agu 2023

As the CEO of CLEAN MEDIC INDUS, I have conducted an interview with our Operation Manager Iwan Atmojo… to gain insights into his perspective on the company, team leadership, and the future of our operation in the medical waste management through a digital platform. Here is the outcome of this interview:

Bruno: Hello Iwan, thank you for taking the time to chat today. Let's dive into your experience at CLEAN MEDIC INDUS. Firstly, what attracted you to our company and its mission of revolutionising medical waste management using digital technology?

Iwan: Thank you for having me. I was drawn to CLEAN MEDIC INDUS because of its forward-thinking approach to a critical issue. The chance to contribute to transforming medical waste management in Bali, using a digital platform, resonated deeply with me. It's an opportunity to make a tangible difference.

Bruno: That's great to hear. As you lead our team of operators, drivers, and warehouse staff, how do you motivate and guide them towards achieving our goals of efficient waste collection and transportation?

Iwan: Motivation comes from fostering a shared purpose. I ensure our team understands their pivotal role in maintaining public health and environmental safety. Open communication and regular training keep everyone aligned with our goals. Acknowledging their efforts and providing growth opportunities further fuels their dedication.

Bruno: Excellent. Looking ahead, how do you envision the transformation of medical waste management through our efforts? What changes do you foresee in the industry and our role in shaping it?

Iwan: The future holds exciting possibilities. With our digital platform, we're enhancing transparency, speed, and accuracy in waste management. As regulations and public awareness increase, our role will be pivotal in setting industry standards. We aim to be at the forefront of sustainable waste management practices, inspiring others to follow suit.

Bruno: Your vision aligns perfectly with ours. Speaking of which, what aspects of Clean Medic Indus do you find most inspiring and fulfilling as you work towards this transformation?

Iwan: The commitment to innovation and the environment is inspiring. Knowing that our work has a direct positive impact on Bali's health and natural beauty is incredibly fulfilling. Additionally, the collaborative and supportive team culture here at Clean Medic Indus creates an environment where every member's contribution matters.

Bruno: Thank you for sharing your insights. Lastly, as we continue this journey, how do you see our team evolving and expanding, and what steps are you taking to ensure we remain leaders in the medical waste management space?

Iwan: Our team will grow both in size and expertise. We're investing in ongoing training and development to stay ahead in terms of technology and industry knowledge. By nurturing a culture of continuous improvement and staying adaptable, we'll drive CLEAN MEDIC INDUS to be a respected leader in the field.

Bruno: Thank you, Iwan for your valuable perspectives. Your leadership and dedication are integral to our success, and I'm excited about what we'll achieve together.

Iwan: Thank you, Bruno. I'm equally excited about the journey ahead and the positive impact we'll make on medical waste management in Bali and beyond.

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