CMI Interview Series: Made Anggi Edita Pardini (Sales Representative)

Clean Medic / 26 Jan 2024

Good morning, Clean Medic Indus readers! We're set to kickstart this inspiring Friday with a compelling interview. Joining me today is Made Anggi Edita Pardini, a front-row hero at Clean Medic Indus. Let's delve straight into some exciting questions!

Choosing CMI as a Workplace

Made Anggi Edita Pardini shared why she chose Clean Medic as her workplace. "I opted for CMI because the company is a trailblazer in modern medical waste collection services. CMI's vision of addressing medical waste issues and enhancing community awareness of these services resonated with me," said Made Anggi Edita.

Advantages of CMI Compared to Previous Work Experience

One of the perks Made Anggi Edita has experienced since joining Clean Medic is the incorporation of modern technology into the work system. "CMI already utilizes cutting-edge technology, eliminating manual communication for producers. Additionally, the collaborative and supportive working atmosphere at CMI stands out," added Made Anggi Edita.

Responsibilities as a Sales Representative

As a Sales Representative at Clean Medic, Made Anggi Edita has significant responsibilities. "The Sales team serves as the backbone of the company, ensuring growth by establishing robust client relationships," explained Made Anggi Edita.

Daily Life as a Sales Representative

Made Anggi Edita also shared an overview of her daily life as a Sales Representative. "Daily routines involve scheduled visits to producers, and seamless collaboration with other teams is pivotal for efficiently completing tasks," said Made Anggi Edita.

Challenges of Working at Clean Medic

According to Made Anggi Edita, the most challenging aspect of working at Clean Medic is competing with established competitors as a new company. "Despite this challenge, the Sales team is poised to confront it head-on and work diligently to propel the company forward," expressed Made Anggi Edita.

Hopes and Prayers for Clean Medic's Future

Made Anggi Edita conveyed her hopes and prayers for Clean Medic in the future. "I hope Clean Medic continues to burgeon as the preferred choice for medical waste disposal among producers. With the integration of modern technology, I anticipate Clean Medic making an even more substantial positive impact on environmental cleanliness. My heartfelt wish is also for Clean Medic to forge collaborations with prominent clients such as hospitals and non-governmental organizations in Bali. By partnering with these esteemed entities, Clean Medic can amplify its mission and contribute significantly to the broader healthcare and environmental initiatives in the region," said Made Anggi Edita Pardini.

Well, there you have it — the captivating journey of Made Anggi Edita Pardini, a remarkable Sales Representative at Clean Medic. Thank you, Anggi, for sharing your inspiring narrative. And to all our friends, stay tuned for more uplifting stories from other heroes at Clean Medic Indus!

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