The CLEAN MEDIC INDUS team achieves remarkable success!

Clean Medic / 01 Sep 2023

How about envisioning a cleaner Bali, one of the world's most alluring tourist destinations, free from medical waste in landfills, beaches, and rivers?

Delighted to share that at CLEAN MEDIC INDUS, our incredible team of tech, operations, finance, and sales professionals is driving exceptional results!

💡🌟 Their collaborative efforts have been instrumental in deploying our innovative medical waste management services to diverse sectors including tattoo studios, pharmacies, beauty clinics, doctors, and dentists... as we are rezching more nd more sectors of the medical and paramedical industry.

🏥💚 Our advanced digital platform streamlines waste collection, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability and efficiency.

Kudos to each team member for their dedication and hard work!

This achievement aligns perfectly with our vision to revolutionise medical waste management in #Bali and beyond. Together, we're ushering in a new era of responsible #healthcare waste disposal.

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