CMI Interview Series: Erico Rahmad Darmanto (QA Engineer)

Clean Medic / 04 Okt 2023

Today is Friday, and I am excited to present our 9th interview here at CLEAN MEDIC INDUS.

It is a pleasure to host Erico Rahmad Darmanto, a valued member of our Quality Assurance team. We are eager to learn about what motivated him to join our company and gain insights into his role and responsibilities.

What motivated you to join CLEAN MEDIC INDUS?

Erico: My motivation for joining Clean Medic Indus was the company’s focus on applying digital solutions to pressing environmental issues, particularly in medical waste management. The company’s use of technology to ensure safe and efficient waste handling aligned well with my interests and skill set.

What role does QA play in the company?

Erico: As a Quality Assurance Engineer, I am responsible for conducting all test campaigns before the product launches. Ensuring the software runs smoothly and meets all requirements is crucial for our mission.

What do you like the most about your daily work?

Erico: What I enjoy most is testing the regular updates and improvements we make to our systems. The constant evolution of the product keeps me engaged and allows me to contribute directly to the company’s success.

How does your role align with the market demands?

Erico: In a rapidly evolving cleantech market, my role as a QA Engineer is to ensure that our products not only meet but also exceed market expectations. By rigorously testing new updates and improvements, we stay ahead of the curve and provide superior solutions.

What is your vision for the future of QA at Clean Medic Indus?

Erico: My vision for the future is to integrate more automated testing procedures and implement data-driven strategies to make our QA processes even more robust. This will enable us to adapt quickly to market changes and continue to lead in our domain.

I am thrilled to gain insights and perspectives from your experience as a QA Engineer. This role necessitates agility and adaptability to continuously align with market demands, contributing significantly to the success of Clean Medic Indus. Your input is invaluable in aiding our mission to revolutionise the landscape of medical waste management.

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