How to Simplify Medical Waste Disposal in Indonesia

Clean Medic / 26 Agu 2023

CLEAN MEDIC INDUS, a startup established in April 2022, is revolutionising medical waste management through its innovative digital platform.

The platform aims to simplify the collection and disposal of medical waste in Indonesia, through the utilisation of technology to streamline the collection process, enhance traceability, and ensure compliance with waste disposal regulations. Main features are transparent tracking, efficient scheduling, and proper disposal methods processes.

CEO and co-founder Bruno Zysman envisions a more efficient and secure process for handling medical waste by introducing a secure digital platform that transforms the entire logistics chain.

Throughout the process, mobile applications are employed at every step to facilitate data recording for traceability and statistical analysis. These apps allow to streamline the collect and transport process of medical waste containers, ensuring accurate and timely collection, secure transport, and accurate delivery for decontamination.

The recorded data contributes to traceability by creating a digital trail of medical waste-related activities.

Additionally, the data gathered through mobile applications serve as valuable resources for generating statistics, enabling the improvement of the process and a better understanding of the medical waste production over time and locations. This approach emphasises the integration of technology to enhance data quality, accessibility, and utilisation, ultimately contributing to improved healthcare services and outcomes. By leveraging technology, Clean Medic Indus addresses the challenges of medical waste management, contributing to a cleaner environment and safer communities.

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