Keeping Bali Clean and Healthy: The Role of Clean Medic Indus

Clean Medic / 02 Nov 2023

Bali, with its natural beauty and rapidly growing tourism industry, is one of Indonesia's prime destinations. However, just like anywhere else in the world, the necessity for proper medical waste management is becoming increasingly critical, particularly in the context of animal health. Clean Medic Indus, a company committed to safe and environmentally friendly medical waste management, has played a significant role in delivering containers according to the needs for medical waste management in Bali.

Clean Medic Indus: Mission and Commitment

Clean Medic Indus is a company that focuses on the transportation and management of medical waste. Their primary mission is to ensure that medical waste in Bali is managed correctly and safely for the well-being of the public and the environment. One of their key clients is Griya Husada Satwa Veterinarian, located on Jl. Danau Batur Raya No, 45B Jimbaran, Kuta Selatan, Badung, Bali, Indonesia.

Why Medical Waste Management Matters

Medical waste management is a crucial part of the healthcare system, including animal health. Medical waste includes materials that can be hazardous, such as syringes, medical chemicals, and biological waste. If not managed properly, this medical waste can pose infection risks and environmental pollution. To prevent these risks, Clean Medic Indus works diligently to deliver the necessary containers for the safe management of medical waste.

Clean Medic Indus and Griya Husada Satwa Veterinarian

Griya Husada Satwa Veterinarian is a leading animal clinic in Bali, serving a variety of pets. They have a strong commitment to animal health and the environment. Given the nature of their work, proper medical waste management is a necessity. Clean Medic Indus has become a reliable partner in meeting their needs.

Container Delivery Process

The container delivery process by Clean Medic Indus is highly regulated and compliant with all applicable regulations. First, containers are prepared according to the type of medical waste to be transported. Then, they are transported using specially designed vehicles for medical waste transportation. All staff involved in the delivery and management of medical waste have received special training and adhere to strict safety protocols. Here in this picture, we have Aditiya Nugroho as our Driver delivering containers for Griya Husada Satwa Veterinarian.

Positive Impact

The proper delivery of medical waste containers by Clean Medic Indus has a significant positive impact. Firstly, it helps maintain environmental cleanliness in Bali, preventing the spread of hazardous medical waste. Secondly, it supports the efforts of animal clinics like Griya Husada Satwa Veterinarian in providing quality animal health services.


Clean Medic Indus has played a vital role in delivering containers according to the needs for medical waste management in Bali. Collaborations with animal clinics such as Griya Husada Satwa Veterinarian are tangible examples of how the company contributes to public health and a clean environment by ensuring that medical waste is managed properly. With their commitment to quality service and a clean environment, Clean Medic Indus continues to be an invaluable partner in medical waste management efforts in Bali.

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