Success! Medical Waste Seminar: PDHI Bali, Clean Medic and BJB

Clean Medic / 24 Nov 2023

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Success Unleashed! Clean Medic and PDHI Bali Host 'Medical Waste Management and Working Capital' Seminar

The seminar titled 'Working Capital for Practitioners and the Importance of Medical Waste Management,' organized by the Indonesian Veterinary Medical Association (PDHI) Bali in collaboration with Clean Medic and Bank Jawa Barat and Banten (BJB) Bali branch, has achieved significant success. The event received high appreciation from the attending participants, creating a positive momentum for sustainable medical waste management.

Thanks to All Participants

A heartfelt THANK YOU is extended to all participants who actively engaged in the seminar. Your presence and contributions were key to the success of the event. In an enthusiastic atmosphere, practitioners and relevant stakeholders united to support more effective and sustainable medical waste management.

Exceptional Support from Partners

The seminar received outstanding support not only from PDHI Bali but also from Clean Medic and BJB Bali. Collaboration between the private sector, professional organizations, and financial institutions is a positive step in strengthening medical waste management efforts in Bali.

15% Discount on Collect Service from Clean Medic

As a token of appreciation to seminar participants, Clean Medic offers a 15% discount on the purchase of Collect Service, extended until Monday, November 27, 2023. Participants are invited to download and use Clean Medic's services to support sustainable medical waste management practices.

Upcoming Seminar with IDI Denpasar and KLHK Bali

In the spirit of this success, Clean Medic invites followers to prepare for the next seminar. Titled "The Importance of Digital Platform-Based Medical Hazardous Waste Management in Medicine and the Environment," it will be held on December 9, 2023. The event will collaborate with IDI Denpasar and KLHK Bali at Ubud Corner Kitchen from 09:00 - 12:00 WITA.

Register Now! Limited Slots

Clean Medic emphasizes prompt registration as slots are limited. Registration can be done through the provided link. In the spirit of creating positive environmental change, this seminar is organized for FREE, without any charges. Click here to register!

Advancing Towards a Better Environment

This seminar is a further step in collective efforts to create a better environment. Clean Medic, PDHI Bali, and other partners hope that through events like this, awareness of the importance of medical waste management will continue to grow, leading to concrete actions in support of sustainability across various sectors. Let's be agents of change for a healthier and more sustainable environment! 🌏✨

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