The Unseen Danger

Clean Medic / 19 Sep 2023

The Unseen Danger: Medical Waste in Landfills and the Risk to Our Children

Hello #LinkedInCommunity,

I want to draw your attention to a pressing issue that is often overlooked - the risk our children face from medical waste in landfills.

Addressing Public Health Inappropriate disposal of medical waste can lead to infections and a series of public health threats.

CLEAN MEDIC INDUS, a startup in Bali, is pioneering in this domain by digitalising the entire process, making it more transparent and efficient. This digital oversight can result in fewer errors, reducing risks to the public health and children decease.

🌿 Environmental Safety Poorly managed medical waste can also wreak havoc on our environment. By adopting digital technology, CLEAN MEDIC INDUS is delivering a cleaner, more sustainable Bali, helping preserve one of the world’s most alluring tourist destinations

🌐 Global Relevance Given the global issue of medical waste, the startup’s efforts are not only limited to Bali but serve as an example for how tech can be utilised in waste management universally.

🌱 What Can We Do?

  • Spread Awareness: Share this post to educate more people about the importance of medical waste management.

  • Advocate: Push for better waste management policies in your local community.

  • Act: Take steps at the individual level to properly segregate and dispose of waste.

  • **Connect with CLEAN MEDIC INDUS **: Reach out to learn more about our initiatives.

  • Adopt Best Practices: If you’re in healthcare, consider using digital tools for waste management.

Let’s come together to protect our children and make our environment safer for everyone. Together, we can make a difference. 🌏

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