CMI Interview Series: I Putu Palguna (Operator)

Clean Medic / 01 Sep 2023

At the culmination of this week, I engaged in an interview with an esteemed team member at CLEAN MEDIC INDUS, a pioneering startup situated in Bali, Indonesia which is reshaping the landscape of medical waste management through an innovative digital platform.

Today, our spotlight is on I Putu Palguna, a, a pivotal operator who navigates our operations via our digital interface. Accompanying us on a comprehensive exploration of his daily duties, I delved into his perspectives on CLEAN MEDIC INDUS and the significance of his role in the organisation. Bruno: Why did you decide to join Clean Medic Indus?

Palguna: I was drawn to the company because of its innovative approach to medical waste management. The focus on sustainability and technology made it seem like a great opportunity for me to grow professionally.

Bruno: Can you describe the scope of your work here? What are your day-to-day responsibilities?

Palguna: I manage the entire logistical operation for collecting medical waste. I coordinate with drivers, doctors, and warehouse personnel through the dashboard. My role also includes addressing any issues or hiccups that arise during the collection and transport of medical waste.

Bruno: How do you use our digital platform to ensure that the operations are smooth and effective?

Palguna: I use the dashboard to track waste collection in real-time. The platform’s features, like chat, help me communicate instantly with all stakeholders involved. This ensures that I can manage situations proactively rather than reactively.

Bruno: What are your thoughts about our approach to medical waste management? Is there anything you think we could improve?

Palguna: I think the digital approach is a game-changer in medical waste management. The platform includes data analytics features to better track KPIs and overall efficiency and this could become more and more accurate with the time.

Palguna's interview underscores the significance of technological advancements in addressing real-world challenges and emphasises the invaluable role of dedicated team members in driving positive change.

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