CMI Interview Series: Rolando Alex Richo (SysOps Engineer)

Clean Medic / 11 Sep 2023

As we wrap up this week, we're thrilled to feature an insightful conversation with one of our esteemed colleagues at CLEAN MEDIC INDUS, a Bali-based startup that is transforming the landscape of medical waste management via its groundbreaking digital platform. Today, we're joined by Rolando Alex Richo, our seasoned SysOps Engineer, who will guide us through the intricacies of our technical infrastructure. We explored the scope of his work, his challenges, and his key responsibilities. Read on to find out what he had to say.

✅ Why did you choose to join Clean Medic Indus?

Alex: I was drawn to Clean Medic Indus because of its unique positioning at the intersection of technology and environmental impact. I find the focus on medical waste management not just technologically intriguing but also socially responsible.

✅ Can you summarise your role in managing our IT infrastructure and AWS cloud servers?

Alex: Absolutely, my primary responsibilities involve maintaining the AWS cloud infrastructure, ensuring data security, and optimizing the performance of our digital platform. I handle backups, updates, and implement best practices to make sure our services are always available and secure.

✅ What are the biggest challenges you face in your role?

Alex: The most significant challenges include maintaining high availability while ensuring stringent security measures, especially given the sensitive nature of the medical waste data we manage. I also need to stay ahead of the technology curve to make sure our architecture is scalable and cost-effective.

✅ How do you align your responsibilities with the broader goals of Clean Medic Indus in sustainability, data analytics, and environmental impact?

Alex: I always keep the company’s larger goals in mind. For instance, our focus on sustainability guides my choices in optimizing for energy-efficient operations. Also, I work closely with the data analytics team to provide them with the tools they need to make a positive environmental impact.

This interview helps me better understand the alignment of our SysOps engineer with the company’s mission and challenges, aiding in future strategy planning.

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