Why AWS from the Start? An Insight from CLEAN MEDIC INDUS

Clean Medic / 19 Sep 2023

👋 Hello Sustainable Community,

As the co-founder and CEO of Clean Medic Indus, I'm proud to shed light on how our company has been harnessing the power of AWS Cloud since its inception in April 2022🌏

🌟 Why AWS from the Start?

1️⃣ Database Hosting: We needed a resilient and scalable database solution. AWS provided just that, empowering our digital platform to organize medical waste collection efficiently.

2️⃣ Data Security: With medical data, security is not optional. AWS's security capabilities have ensured that we maintain the highest standards of data protection.

3️⃣ Real-Time Operations: AWS has been instrumental in enabling real-time tracking, notifications and analytics, crucial for efficient waste collection with critical timing.

✨ Impact & Future

The result? A streamlined operation that has been growing sustainably, backed by a digital platform that has the flexibility to evolve as we navigate the challenges of scaling cleantech solutions in Indonesia.

Cost-Effectiveness: AWS activate credits for startups like us eased our financial burden in the early stages.

Innovation Boost: Allowed us to experiment without financial risk, paving the way for better solutions.

By integrating AWS Cloud into our infrastructure from day one, Clean Medic Indus has been able to maintain robust, secure, and efficient operations, critical for our mission in the medical waste management sector.

Thank you, AWS, for being a part of our journey, and helping us make a positive impact on medical waste management!


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